Turkish Bath Building

For centuries Turkish hammams continues to exist as one of the major components of the Ottoman and Turkish culture. Historical Turkish hammams that surrounded by embroidered walls on all sides are architectural wonders.
Turkish Hammams are of great importance in terms of art and architecture. The architectural style of hammam has not changed for thousands of years. Some of the architectural features of Roman Baths also continued during the Ottoman period. The hot room of the hammam (sicaklik) was built on bricks in both periods. The burning fire in kulhan (the boiler room) -which is right next to hot room- is heats the hammam by passing through the channels called as cehennemlik (stokehole). The smoke is thrown out of smokestacks that have been placed into the walls which, made of baked earthenware.


some pictures while I was cutting pieces

lighting took me 2 hours to finish, as you see the result is fabulous and breathtaking

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